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Diameter Range

• Coils 4.00 – 35.00mm (or straightened and cut to length)
• Bar 4.00 – 75.00mm (including ground finish)

Materials, Carbon and alloy steels, including

• Manganese Chrome
• Freecutting Steels
• Chrome Nickel
• Tool Steels
• Chrome Nickel Molybdenum
• High Speed Steels
• Carbon Chrome
• Stainless & Alloy (on application)
• Chrome Vanadium
(see facilities page for more International Specifications)


• As Drawn
• Inter Annealed
• Spheroidise Annealed, or Normalised
• Hardened & Tempered
• Stress Relieved
• Reeled, Precision Ground etc

Inspection, Full Mechanical and Analytical services

• Hardness
• Charpy
• Tensile
• Surface Defect
• Laser Gauging
• Ultrasonic Testing
• Macro and Micro Examinationr

Precision Machining

Kiveton Park Steel is recognised as a specialist quality manufacturer of heat treated steels for engineering applications including Automotive, Aircraft, Power Tools, Masonry and Stone Drills, Railway Parts and many other challenging specifications.
Bright Bar in round or shaped sections is supplied in the range 4.00 – 35.00mm equivalent round with various Batch or Continuous Atmosphere Controlled heat treatment processes to provide Spheroidise Annealing, Normalising, Hardening & Tempering and Stress Relieving. Further processes on site include Reeling, Grinding, Chamfering, Sawing, Cropping and both in-line and off-line surface defect detection equipment.
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For more sensitive applications, Kiveton Park Steel has invested in off-line Ultrasonic Inspection for sub surface defects with crack detection and laser measurement also included in that final process facility.

Alloy and Engineering steels can be supplied to most European, American and British Standards. Where required the company will provide full technical liaison with both customers and steelmakers to develop bespoke specifications for specific applications. Kiveton Park Steel has an exclusive range of “HYKUT” alloys with increased fatigue properties and improved machinability. (See separate Special Products page for more detail).
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Strategic stocks of finished or part processed materials are held to support contract supply chain business and the Customer Service Team will provide a tailored service for individual customers.

In addition to Bar the company can provide Wire in Coils up to 35mm dia which can also be Spinner Straightened and Cut to Length for applications demanding very straight products. A Cut to Length facility is available for shaped sections originally produced in coils. All operations are on one site and are available, on a Hirework basis, for an extensive range of materials including Stainless and Nickel Alloys.

Kiveton Park Steel Limited, Kiveton Park, Sheffield, UK, S26 6NQ. Tel: +44 (0) 1909 770252 Fax : +44 (0) 1909 772949