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Diameter Range

• Coils 4.00 – 35.00mm (or straightened and cut to length)
• Bar 4.00 – 75.00mm (including ground finish)


• Mild Steels (including Boron and / or Manganese)
• Carbon Steels 
• Stainless & Nickel Alloys
• Alloy Steels


• As Drawn
• Spheroidised Annealed
• Inter Annealed
• Normalising

Inspection, Full Mechanical and Analytical services

• Hardness
• Charpy
• Tensile Testing
• Surface Defect 
• Laser Gauging
• Ultrasonic Testing
• Macro and Micro Examination

Cold Heading & Cold Forming

Kiveton Park Steel has a long established history in the supply of Cold Heading Steels for the Fastener Industry and other specialised Cold Forming applications in Bearings, Automotive and many general components including Push Rods and Transmission Chains.
Steel types include most American, European and British Standards ranging from the more basic low carbon steels through to Nickel- Chromium- Molybdenum steels. Material selection and strict process controls ensure the products are renowned for their quality, performance and consistency.
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For Bearing Grade Steels the raw material is manufactured to special steelmaking practices, ensuring a highly consistent product in terms of cleanliness, chemical composition, surface integrity and homogeneity. Kiveton Park Steel is an approved supplier to many of the best known global bearing manufacturers.

Kiveton Park Steel has a number of Batch and Continuous Atmosphere Controlled Furnaces providing various process conditions including Spheroidise Annealing and Hardening & Tempering and in – line or off – line surface or sub surface defect testing can be employed to confirm product integrity.  
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A variety of surface coatings are available to meet specific customer requirements and cut lengths or bar throughout the full company size range can be supplied in the ground condition for special applications.

Wire in coil is produced in the range 4.50 – 35.00mm dias all of which can also be supplied straightened and cut to length with sawn or cropped shorter lengths available if required. Bar is available up to 75mm dia, typically in 3 – 6 metre lengths but longer or shorter pieces are available if necessary. Shaped Sections are produced, typically in Squares, Hexagons or Octagons but other shapes have been specially developed meeting unique customer demands.

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