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• 4.5 to 75mm diameter (.177 to 3”)


• Quenched and Tempered
• Drawn
• Stress relieved
• Ground
• Annealed
• Normalised
• Tempered

Steel Types

BS S Series including
• 7S1, 4S14D, 5S15, 5S21D, 4S28, 5S82, 2S92D, 2S93D, 3S95D, 2S97D, 2S98D, 5S99G, 4S106D, 2S132, S140D, 2S147, 2S149, S154
• E4130
• E4340
• Air melted, Electro Slag Remelted (ESR), Vacuum Arc Remelted (VAR)


• AS EN 9100
• Airbus UK
• BAe
• Messier Bugatti Dowty
• Raytheon
• Rolls Royce SABRe
• Westland

Aircraft Industry

Kiverton Park Steel offers high integrity steels for aerospace applications within the global markets for civilian and military applications. Base electric arc steel production sources are used, with material that is ladle refined and vacuum degassed prior to casting into ingots. These can then be processed as Airmelted, Electro slag Refined ( ESR ) and Vacuum Arc Remelted ( VAR ) providing a comprehensive range of  carbon through to low alloy, martensitic, austenitic and duplex stainless steels.
Please contact our staff with details of any specific requirements for speciality materials via our link below:- Aerospace Division
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